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Smart Guest Book 2.0 Installation

Installing Smart Guest Book for MS SQL Server Database

Smart Guest Book 2.0 Installation

Installing Smart Guest Book 2.0 for MS SQL Server Database

A. Contents of the zip file

  1. SmartGuestBook.sql (SQL Scripts file)
  2. 5 Flash Interfaces : SmartGuestBook.swf, guestbookmulti1.swf, guestbookmulti2.swf, gliters.swf and booklike.swf
  3. Flash files used in the Admin Panel : admin.swf
  4. conn.asp - contains the connection string to your MS SQL Server Database
  5. guestbook.asp (ASP file used to show the Guest-Book in a pop-up window)
  6. SmartGuestBookCode.asp (ASP file accessed by the .swf file)
  7. scripts.js (Javascript code)
  8. badwordfilter.txt (comma delimited bad words list)
  9. CloseWindow.htm (to automatically close the window)
  10. Admin Panel Functionality Files : 8 ASP files, 6 GIF images and a CSS styles file
  11. Single Website EULA (End User License Agreement) - License.html
  12. This Installation Guide - ReadMe.html

B. Quick Installation Steps

  1. Important : Unzip (Extract) all the files to a folder called SmartGuestBook under your site root.

  2. Database : To create the required table and stored procedures run the sql scripts file (SmartGuestBook.sql) from your SQL Server Database Query Analyzer. Alternately you can also simply open the file in Notepad, copy the contents of the file, paste it into your SQL Server Query Analyzer, choose the correct database into which you want the Guest Book data to go and then run the script. It is better if you first create the table and stored procedures in an offline dummy database, check if everything is working and then export the tables and the stored procedures to the remote database through the Microsoft Transaction Server(MTS). Make sure that the table identities, keys and default values are transferred properly (After checking offline, it is recommended to run the script for the online database, through the query analyzer, to skip this step).

  3. Important : To make your Smart Guest Book work you need to give the connection string to your SQL Server Database in the conn.asp page. Open the code view of this page and you will immediately find the following lines clearly marked out for your convenience.
    '-----------Place your Database connection string here in place of the existing dummy one----------

    strDB="Driver={SQL Server};Server=yourServerIPAddressOrName;UID=yourUserID;PWD=yourPassword; DATABASE=yourDatabaseName"

    Substitute the following with your SQL Server database details, that would have been assigned to you when you bought the database space, as listed below:

    a. yourServerIPAddressOrName - this is your SQL Server database IPAddress or Name.
    b. yourUserID - your SQL Server database's User Name.
    c. yourPassword - your SQL Server database's Password.
    d. yourDatabaseName - your SQL Server database Name.

    If your database connection needs to be a DSN type then give your DSN name as an additional clause in the above connection string. Just replace 'yourSystemDSNName' or 'yourFileDSNName' according to your DSN type with your assigned DSN Name like in the example string below and place it in the code.

    For a System DSN the connection string will be:
    strDB="Driver={SQL Server};Server=yourServerIPAddressOrName;UID=yourUserID;PWD=yourPassword; DATABASE=yourDatabaseName;DSN=yourSystemDSNName"

    For a File DSN the connection string will be:
    strDB="Driver={SQL Server};Server=yourServerIPAddressOrName;UID=yourUserID;PWD=yourPassword; DATABASE=yourDatabaseName; FILEDSN=yourFileDSNName"

  4. Accessing the Administration Panel : To access your Smart Guest Book Administration Panel, Please go to http://your_website_url/SmartGuestBook/default.asp and login with the default UserName: administrator and Password : smartguestbook. Please make sure that you change the user name & password immediately (using the change login data facility) to prevent unauthorized entry. If you forget your user name & password, you will need to get into your database and view the table tblGuestBookAdmin to view it.
  5. To place your Smart Guest Book inside one of your site pages or to place a link to it, log into the administration panel using the username and password, now click on the Interface Options link in the left menu, choose an appropriate interface and select the corresponding code displayed in the text box(es). Copy and paste it into your page code view.
  6. he CloseWindow.htm page can be used to close any web page in your site. Use it if required by using a simple link as below.
    <a href="/SmartGuestBook/CloseWindow.htm">Close</a>

Troubleshooting Smart Guest Book 2.0

  1. If your Smart Guest Book is stuck i.e., just displaying the "loading guestbook entries" frame, then please check if the URL : http://Your_site_path/SmartGuestBook/SmartGuestBookCode.asp is giving any error.
  2. If you are upgrading from the free version of the SmartGuestBook and want to display existing guest-book entries, then please delete the CREATE TABLE : tblGuestBook commands from the SQL Scripts before running it in the Query Analyzer. Even if you don't delete it your old table will not be deleted, the query analyzer will just show an error stating that the 'table already exists'.
  3. If your guestbook is still not working please check if your site supports ASP (Active Server Pages) and MS SQL Server databases. If yes check if your installation steps were correct.
  4. If you have any other problems please visit our FAQs page or email us (admin@smartwebby.com). Your suggestions and comments are always welcome :-)

Good Luck and Best Wishes from the Smart Webby Team!
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