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Search Engine Submission Tips - Google, Yahoo, MSN and Teoma

The top 4 search engines are as follows:

  1. Google.com - The best of the best, what can we say about Google that others haven't :-) Read our detailed review of Google with tips on submission and ranking.
  2. Yahoo.com - Yahoo is getting better and better! Their Yahoo Directory is also very popular.
  3. MSN.com - Microsoft's attempt to get a piece of the search engine pie. They are also catching up fast.
  4. Teoma.com - A search engine to look out for. Their results do seem to vary considerably from the above.

In order to not be repetitive in our advice we recommend you read our article on Google Submission, Ranking and Tips. You should be able to do well on all the other search engines too, though ranking and time period for updations may vary.

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