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Free PHP Smart Guest Book 2.0

Free Flash and PHP GuestBook - Download it Today!

Free PHP Smart Guest Book 2.0

Free Flash and PHP GuestBook - Download it Today!

Why do you need the Smart Guest Book?

  • Get valuable feedback from your visitors - Many people are put off by slow and uninteresting guestbooks. Make your visitors want to fill out your fast, attractive and animated Interactive Flash Guest-book.
  • Make your site user friendly and attractive - We bring you a eye-catching guest book that is radically different. Its simplicity and superior load time combined with its cool Flash interface gives it that extra edge. Use it to spice up your web site.
  • It is platform independent and cross browser compatible - Works equally well on Windows or Unix platforms and compatible for all browser types.
  • It is ABSOLUTELY FREE with no conditions attached! - Try out our Free Version Demo or sign the Smart Webby GuestBook (animated interface - $9 only) to see its cool features. Download your free light version Flash guest book now. Read the reviews given by previous users and give your own review!

Cool Features in the Free version

  • Smart eye-catching Interactive Flash Interface, whose background color is customizable to suit any site. Buy our Animated Guest-books for just $9. View Animated GuestBooks
  • Fantastic load time due to highly optimized code and very small Flash file size (16 KB).
  • Active bad-word filter , editable in a comma delimited text file.
  • Platform independent - Use it on a Windows or Unix server that supports PHP and MySQL.
  • Cross Browser Compatible, works well in both Netscape (4+) and Internet Explorer (5+).
  • Optimized Code for quick load - Loads 50 entries at a time, beginning from the recent most. Use the 'Load Next Batch' button to load the next 50 records.
  • Comments field can accept HTML text (bold, italics and underline).
  • Guest book entries stored in a My SQL database.
  • Client-side javascript validation for Name and E-mail Address fields.

Download your free PHP Smart Guest Book now!

Important Notes

  • Your server should be able to run PHP pages.
  • To view the PHP Smart Guest Book you need to have Flash Player 5 or above installed on your computer. Download Latest Flash Player
  • For sub-sites (i.e. hosted by other sites like geocities, brinkster, anglefire free pages, etc.) make sure you have access to a MySQL Database.
  • If you own your own site: You should have access to a MySQL Database for your web site.

Two easy steps to download the PHP Smart Guest Book

Download Step 1: You need to download the Free PHP Smart Guest Book.

Download Step 2 (optional): Next you can purchase and download any of the PHP Smart Guest Book's advanced or/and animated interfaces of your choice. The prices are very affordable at $5 to $9 only.

Download your free PHP Smart Guest Book now!

Read how to install the Free PHP Smart Guest Book download

Note: These instructions are included with the download in the ReadMe.txt file.

SMART GUEST BOOK 2.0 & PHP SMART GUEST BOOK 2.0 - Enhanced Versions - Cool Enhancements for just $49

Enhancements include guestbook header customization, scroll bar for the comments field, multiple records display interfaces AND a password-protected complete administration panel for managing guestbook records and the active bad word filter plus a 'change the background color of the interface' option. Ideal for new webmasters and busy webmasters with little time to recheck entries and delete them from the database :-)
Special Offer - Save $18 : Buy the Smart Guest Book 2.0 (ASP with Access/MS SQL Server database) OR PHP Smart Guest Book 2.0 (PHP with MySQL database) and get two paid animated interfaces (glitters and book-like) worth $9 each ABSOLUTELY FREE!
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