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Adobe Illustrator CS 6

Adobe's Illustrator CS6 is the industry standard graphic design tool that is essential to designing illustrations, logos and vector graphics. The newly rebuilt engine of Adobe Illustrator CS6 enables you to rapidly create professional quality vector graphics for both web and print design with improved speed and stability, irrespective of the complexity of your files. What we love about Illustrator CS6 is its amazing set of brushes and awesome vector effects (especially the 3D effects) that help us to easily design Web 2.0 logos and web graphics. During web design we also use Adobe Illustrator in lieu of Adobe Fireworks for designing web graphics that are out of its capability to rapidly create and where Illustrator has inbuilt tools to quickly bring about a desired effect.

Adobe Contribute 6.5

Adobe's Contribute 6.5 enables you to quickly and easily update your website/blog while maintaining the look and feel imposed by Adobe Dreamweaver templates. With Contribute content authors can post and publish content to multiple web sites and blogs from a single application or publish directly from within Microsoft Office applications with the click of a button.

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Adobe Creative Suite 6

Our recommended Web Design Bundle Software Adobe's Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium is the complete web designer or web developer suite that combines all-new versions of essential tools for creating interactive websites, applications, user interfaces, presentations, mobile device content, animations and other digital experiences. Get everything you need to prototype your projects, design assets and build web and other digital experiences. Available for both Mac and Windows. The major notable software included are:

Note: Adobe Contribute that allows you to easily maintain and update content is no longer part of any of the currently available Creative Suites and can only be purchased as a standalone or add-on product.

Adobe's Creative Suite 6 Master Collection includes all the above plus Adobe Flash Builder CS6, Adobe After Effects CS6, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and other bundled adobe video production software like Adobe Audition CS6 (recording software) and Adobe Speed Grade CS6 (color correction and grading software). The Adobe CS6 Master Collection suite is ideal for anyone into multiple digital platforms that include web and video production. The master collection however excludes some software which are only available exclusively to Adobe Creative Cloud members.

Adobe's Creative Suite 6 Design Standard can also be chosen if you are more focused on Graphic Design using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and don't need Adobe Fireworks CS6 or Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 (which are essentially for web design). However do keep in mind that the Photoshop version included with the CS6 Design Standard is NOT the Extended version. The major notable software included are:

Either one of these creative solutions is essential for a professional web designer, developer or serious webmaster.

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe has a novel way for users to access any of their software via a Cloud based membership access. Over and above all the software included in a Adobe CS6 Master Collection the following extra software are available to download and use with a Adobe Creative Cloud license:

  • Adobe Muse
  • Adobe Edge Tools and Services
  • Adobe Business Catalyst
  • Adobe Acrobat XI Pro (next version of what's available with any of the suites)
  • Adobe TypeKit
  • Adobe Story Plus
  • Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Additionally there are some features to all the software that are exclusively available only to Creative Cloud members, for example the cutting edge Content Aware Patch in Adobe Photoshop CS6. The latest software features are available as soon as they are released for all members.

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