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Template Customization Packages starting at $59

Professional Template Customization Service

We back every client purchasing our dreamweaver templates with our low-cost high-quality customization service! Apart from providing absolutely free email support to every client, we also offer them a fall back service of professional customization of your product with delivery of within 2-3 working days.

As the internet comes of age, many webmasters (old and new) are becoming aware that you don't need to spend big bucks on hiring a designer or a design company to turn out a great website!! With the emergence of low cost ready-to-use website templates like our well known Dreamweaver Templates mostly anyone can bring out a good quality web-site on their own, without needing to spend a lot of money - the best part being able to maintain the website on one's own! But what happens if things don't go as expected? After all you aren't an expert web designer :-) Before you buy a template you should always check if additional help (customization service) is available and affordable. This is where we come in - we offer customization of our templates for every type of client - those who opt for a customization service with their purchase or even after several months - we even work on half done websites. You can rely on us for any help once you become a SmartWebby Client!

Basic Template Customization Package - Just $77
Basic Customization
If you can customize the Dreamweaver Template on your own but need us to professionally modify your template at a low cost, this is the package for you!
  • Header & Footer Customization
  • Logo Insertion
  • Customized Template Colors
Even if you are an expert Dreamweaver user we recommend you get us to do these basic customizations to get the best possible result for your website.
Advanced Template Customization Package - Just $117
Advanced Customization
If you can customize the desired Template using Dreamweaver but are unsure of doing the graphic changes required, this is the package for you!
  • Basic Customization
  • Customized Template Pictures
  • Customized Template Navigation
Even if you are fairly experienced at using Dreamweaver we recommend you get us to do the graphic customization to get a great looking website.
Professional Template Customization Package - Just $227
Professional Customization
An ideal package if you are new to web design or can manage your site using Dreamweaver but need a professional finish to your site that's cost effective.
  • Advanced Customization
  • Customized Effects
  • Content insertion & CSS formatting for up to 10 pages. 2 photos/page.
The finished website is uploaded to your server, tested and set live. Select any template as the price includes the template cost.

Though several clients do customize our templates flawlessly with the help of our detailed customization guide - there are several who reach out to us for customization of the more complicated designs. Some clients go in for just our design customization packages (basic or advanced) and some go in for a full professional customization. If you are not familiar with Fireworks (to modify the design) or are a programmer or just need a professional finish to your desired changes on the purchased template, you should consider one of the customization packages to help you get a good start. Even in case you ever feel that the outcome of your own customization efforts are not satisfactory you need to just order one of the below packages (write to us with your Order ID for instructions) and we will professionally customize and hand over your completed website within 3 working days.

Professional Template Customization Package

Pro Web-site in 3 Days!

If you are in a real hurry to put up your website we have the perfect quick deal for you! For just $229 you can select ANY one of our High-Quality Dreamweaver Templates and we will professionally customize it for your website and upload it to your server within 3 working days from receiving all your details.

To start right away: Select a template and add it to your cart, when you check out you will need to purchase the template with the Professional Customization Package selected in the options. The total cost would be $229 irrespective of the price of the template selected). Once you have placed your order, please send us an email with your Order ID, customization specifications, logo, pictures, content documents and web site FTP details. Your project will be automatically scheduled in and your website will be completed in just 3 working days!

What do you get with our Professional Customization Package?

The following are the features of the selected template that can be customized:

  1. Customized Header: Changes to the header text and graphics with your Company/Site Name and slogan
  2. Logo Insertion: Integration of your Logo into the design
  3. Customized Colors: Color changed to make your template unique and to your liking - 100% customizable
  4. Customized Pictures: Graphic editing and insertion of your photos in place of those in the template. If required, we provide stock photos at no charge (if its from our CDs) or minimal charge if we need to buy them ($2 per photo).
  5. Customized Navigation: Navigational changes and additions to existing template buttons & links
  6. Content Insertion with web page Graphics Insertion: The template's web pages are made web ready (with content insertion, formatting and insertion of photos, limited to 2 per page free) for up to 10 pages without incurring any extra charges. Please read and follow our guidelines to providing website content below.
  7. Customized Footer: Changes to the footer details
  8. Customized Effects: Changes to all effects included with your template (drop-down menus, swap images, slideshow, etc)
  9. Site Upload & Testing: The completed website is uploaded to your server and tested for any errors

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Already bought a SmartWebby template? Write to us with your Order ID for customization options.

Getting Started

Step 1: Select a Template and Add it to your Shopping Cart

Select any of our top class Dreamweaver Templates in over 20 categories. You don't have to select only a template that belongs to your website's category - select any template whose design you like and we'll modify it to match your requirements. In fact numerous clients use our templates as base and with their modifications bring out near original 'look and feel' design, saving them a lot of money and time!

For Example, if you liked Template 62- Education/Kids but yours is a Photography website we will customize it to match your requirements and ideas - and your dream website is ready!!

After you zero in on the template you would like to buy, click on the "Add to Cart" button on the template description page or the "Add to Cart" link in the template category page. You will be taken to the View Shopping Cart page where you will see the selected template added to your cart.

Step 2: Select a Template Customization Package

In the shopping cart page, under the selected template you will notice that you are given customization options (displayed in the blue box under the Specifications section of the Product Details column). Please select one of our template customization packages according to your requirements. Now you can check out your shopping cart and place your order with us. The template can be downloaded from your client area. For template customization orders, on receiving your order details by email please carry out step 3 to get us started on customizing your template.

Step 3: Email Us with your Customization Details

Please write to us with your Order ID, customization specifications, logo, pictures, content documents and web site FTP details.

That's it! Your project will be auto scheduled in and your website will be completed in just 3 working days!

Guidelines on Providing Content

The content for insertion should be provided in separate word documents (URLs of pages can be specified for existing web sites) with not more than 2 photos for graphic editing per page. Pages exceeding the number of pages included with the package deal will cost $15 per extra page ($25 for pages with tabular data). Our graphic designing rate of $20 per hour will be applicable for any extra design or photo editing work (like product catalogs, photo galleries, etc.). Please request for an approximate quote with your specifications if required. For this, please provide the number of total site pages and a couple of sample content documents which have the most content.

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Client Testimonials

"I found SmartWebby doing a search for Dreamweaver templates on the web. It was one of the best finds I have encountered. The SmartWebby templates were easy to use, and look good on the web. I have had many people comment on how professional my site looks and it is all thanks to SmartWebby. Their tutorials are great and their customer service and support teams are even better. I would highly recommend visiting SmartWebby for any of your template and web design needs."
Darrell Jackson

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