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Dreamweaver Templates: FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about our Dreamweaver Templates

Dreamweaver Templates: FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about our Dreamweaver Templates

  1. I am unable to view your templates. What is wrong?

    To facilitate error free viewing of our dreamweaver templates and shopping cart, Please enable javascript, cookies and allow pop-up windows for our web site. If you are using the google toolbar or any other software that blocks pop-up windows please add our website to your whitelist. We do not have any pop-up windows with Ads.
    Google Toolbar users:
    Please click the pop-up blocker button to add our site to your whitelist (list of sites that you allow pop-up windows to show).
    (In case the problem persists please add smartwebby.com to your trusted sites list by following the steps given in the next answer).

  2. I can view your templates but am unable to proceed on clicking the 'Add to Cart' link as the template page justs closes. What is wrong?

    This error shows that your system somehow is taking the javascript code on our website as harmful though they are just simple open window commands in javascript. Please open your Internet Options panel and under the security tab add www.smartwebby.com as a trusted website. In case you get a message saying that only https:// websites can be added, just remove the tick from the "Require server verification (https://) for all sites in this zone" below the list of websites. Now open and close your browser if the trusted site icon doesn't appear in our site pages. This should do the trick and rectify the error(s).

  3. I am unable to check out using your shopping cart?

    Please try out the above two solutions and if you still have any problems please write to us immediately.

  4. My page just hangs when I pay thru your payment gateway provider PayPal.com (It says please wait for 5 to 10 seconds). What is wrong?

    Your browser might have blocked some essential redirection requests needed by our payment gateway. Please open your Internet Options panel and under the security tab add www.PayPal.com as a trusted website. Refresh the page and see if the transaction is processed. If the page has expired you can either make a fresh purchase of the product or hit your back button till you reach the payment page and try again.

  5. What do I do if I don't own Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Can I still use your templates?

    If you do not own the required Adobe Dreamweaver and Fireworks software we recommend you use our dreamweaver template customization services or download their 30 days free trial versions from Adobe.com to customize the template.

  6. If I own Dreamweaver and Fireworks, how difficult is it to utilize a template to develop a full-scale web site from? (I use HTML and CSS)

    Our templates are very easy to customize even for a beginner since we provide a detailed and easy-to-follow customization guide plus free email support if required.

  7. What type of documentation to you provide to assist or advise us on the conversions of the templates into full-blown sites?

    We provide a simple to follow customization guide that explain how to make all necessary changes to the web site. We also have extensive tutorials on Fireworks and Dreamweaver on our web site (SmartWebby's Web Design Guide).

  8. Can we remove the Designed by SmartWebby.com sentence from the template when we use it on our web site?

    Yes, you can remove it for paid templates. Of course we would appreciate it if you leave it in :-). Please make sure you read our Terms of Use (License Agreement) before placing your order.

  9. How do I make my Dreamweaver Template XHTML Compliant?

    You can make your Dreamweaver Template XHTML Compliant by doing the following:

    1. Open the dreamweaver template file (example: template.dwt) under your Templates folder in Dreamweaver (MX & above).
    2. Now choose File > Convert > XHTML
    3. Next just save it and update the template for all files using it.