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HTML in Flash Text

How to display a flash textbox with HTML formatting

HTML in Flash Text

How to display a flash textbox with HTML formatting

You might have wondered how a textbox in flash can be formatted using HTML tags. This tutorial teaches you how to preserve rich text formatting in a flash textbox like font, font style, hyperlink, paragraph, and other text parameters, using the appropriate HTML tags.

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Follow the steps given below:

Creating HTML Rendering Textboxes in Flash

  1. The Dynamic and Input textboxes can be made HTML Rendering.
  2. Create a Dynamic Textbox and select 'Render text as HTML" from the Properties inspector, don't forget to enter a variable name say, 'dyn_txt'.
  3. Render Text

  4. To format the text in Bold/Italics, open Actions window (F9) and type the following code:
  5. dyn_txt = "<b>This text is in Bold</b><br>";
    dyn_txt = "<i>This text is in Italics</i>";

  6. Values can also be concatenated using '+' sign. Other HTML tags for Fonts can also be used with these Textboxes as shown below:
  7. dyn_txt = "<font color='#"+990000+"'><b>First line Text in Bold Red color</b><font>";
    dyn_txt += "<br><font size='20'>2nd line Text with font-size 20.<font>";

  8. Hyperlinks and Paragraphs can also be done as shown below:
  9. dyn_txt="<br><p align='center'>Center aligned Paragraph Text in Italics</p>
    <a href='http://www.smartwebby.com'><b>Smartwebby.com<b></a> to visit the site";

Note: The Input text can also be rendered in HTML in a similar way by selecting the Input option from the Properties Inspector.

Software Required

Compatible Versions of Flash for this Tutorial

Recommended Version: Adobe Flash Professional CS5Recommended Version: Adobe Flash CS4 Professional
Flash CS5 Professional | Flash CS4 Professional
Note: For uses of lower versions of Flash some visual interface images would differ.
Recommended Version: Adobe Flash CS5 Professional
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